The Colloquium on Personnel Economics

COPE 2025

The 27th Colloquium on Personnel Economics will take place
May 8th to May 9th, 2025
Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim.

Background and History since 1998

The Colloquium on Personnel Economics (COPE) started as an annual conference of German-speaking personnel economists in 1998 and transformed into an international conference in 2010, hosting international researchers working in personnel economics, and very frequently in education economics.
The Colloquium was established in 1998 by Prof. Dr. Uschi Backes-Gellner and Prof. Dr. Matthias Kräkel. Over the years the organizing team has been extended and changed. As of 2014, the core organizing team consists of Prof. Dr. Uschi Backes-Gellner, Zurich University, Prof. Dr. Alex Bryson, UC London, Prof. Dr. Oliver Fabel, Vienna University, and Prof. Dr. Kerstin Pull, Tuebingen University.

Celebrating 20 Years of COPE (PDF, 4131 KB)
Booklet 20 Years of COPE (PDF, 39048 KB)

The 26th Colloquium on Personnel Economics will take place at the University of Zurich from February 15th to 16th, 2024.

The local host for the next Colloquium will be Uschi Backes-Gellner.
More information can be found here.

Conference programs of past Colloquia on Personnel Economics

2024 Conference program Zurich (PDF, 1381 KB)

2024 Conference Homepage Zurich

2023 Conference program Amsterdam (PDF, 715 KB)

2023 Conference Homepage Amsterdam

2022 Conference program Aarhus (PDF, 179 KB)

2022 Conference Homepage Aarhus

2020 Conference program London (PDF, 480 KB)

2020 Conference Homepage London

2019 Conference program Augsburg (PDF, 1814 KB)

2019 Conference Homepage Augsburg

2018 Conference program Munich (PDF, 2287 KB)

2018 Conference Homepage Munich

2017 Conference program Zurich (PDF, 1879 KB)

2017 Conference Homepage Zurich

2016 Conference program Aachen (PDF, 811 KB)

2016 Conference Homepage Aachen

2015 Conference program Vienna (PDF, 284 KB)

2015 Conference Homepage Vienna

2014 Conference program Cologne (PDF, 385 KB)

2013 Conference program Tuebingen (PDF, 52 KB)

2012 Conference program Paderborn (PDF, 128 KB)

2011 Conference program Zurich (PDF, 577 KB)

2010 Conference program Trier (PDF, 127 KB)

2009 Conference program Vienna (PDF, 119 KB)

2008 Conference program Bonn (PDF, 115 KB)

2007 Conference program Tuebingen (PDF, 13 KB)

2006 Conference program Zurich (PDF, 126 KB)

2005 Conference program Constance (PDF, 2251 KB)

2004 Conference program Bonn (PDF, 90 KB)

2003 Conference program Zurich (PDF, 194 KB)

2002 Conference program Bonn (PDF, 47 KB)

2001 Conference program Trier (PDF, 98 KB)

2000 Conference program Freiburg (PDF, 159 KB)

1999 Conference program Cologne (PDF, 133 KB)

1998 Conference program Bonn (PDF, 17 KB)

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