Accommodation in Zurich

There are many hotels in Zurich that you can book via the official search engines mentioned below.

If you are interested in hotels that are close to the conference venue, i.e., within 5-15 minutes walking distance, you may want to look into the following alternatives (sorted by budget):

$$$ Hotel Scheuble
$$ Hotel Plattenhof
$$ Swiss Night by Fassbind
$ Hotel Marta
$ Hotel Hottingen

A good option for small budgets (very good value for money) and with good tram connections to the conference venue (30 minutes by tram) is: "Zurich Youth Hostel."

About 250 hotels in Zurich can be booked through Zurich Tourism - for every budget. Please use one of the following websites (English or German):

English booking site of Zurich Tourism: "Booking"

German booking site of Zurich Tourism: "Buchung"

Of course, you can also book your accommodation through your favorite hotel search engine or Airbnb.

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