Organisation Committee
The COPE standing scientific committee consists of the following four members:
Uschi Backes-Gellner University of Zurich
Oliver Fabel University of Vienna
Kerstin Pull University of Tübingen
Alex Bryson University College London

The COPE 2022 local organisers are:
Tor Eriksson Aarhus University
Anders Frederiksen Aarhus University

The group of guest reviewers for COPE 2022 consists of the following members:
Anne Boschini Stockholm University
Florian Englmaier University of Munich
John Forth CASS Business School, City University
Anders Frederiksen Aarhus University
Colin Green Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Christine Harbring RWTH Aachen University
Patrick Kampkötter University of Tübingen
Antti Kauhanen ETLA Helsinki
Matthias Kräkel University of Bonn
Petra Nieken Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Hideo Owan Wasada University
Heloise Petit University of Lille
Francois Rycx Free University of Brussel
Agnes Bäker University of Zurich
Stefanie Wolter IAB Nuremberg
ImpressumUniversity of Zurich